• Property Management: Managing Tenants

Property Management: Managing Tenants

Property Management: Managing Tenants


Tenants will either make or break your Real Estate Career.  Non-performing Properties defeat the purpose of investing in Real Estate.  Therefore, learning the Strategies of tenant selection and the ability determine profit margins are critical to your success when managing a property.

Many Novice Investors make common mistakes that cost them a lot of unnecessary money.  This course will prepare you to manage your properties effectively, establish monthly cash flow identifying good paying tenant that will take care of your property. 

Dr. Roberta Hoskie will teach you the strategies she acquired from being a property owner herself, as well as being the CEO of her property management company for over 14 years.

Course Start Date: February 11, 2019 

Strongly suggested supplement to the is course - Group Coaching Call: Q & A Live with Dr. Roberta Hoskie and her Team.

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 *This is a recorded course.*


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